About Us

SMF Institute of Higher Learning (SMF Institute) was established with the aim to enhance the human capital development of Singapore’s workforce and strongly advocates education and training as the key to human capital development. Through the provision of quality and industry recognised qualifications, SMF Institute graduates are well-equipped to meet the challenges of today’s knowledge-based economy.

As part of a not-for-profit organisation, SMF Institute places the welfare of our students and staff ahead of organisational gains. We will uphold our values, integrity and quality in delivery and support to our students. We constantly explore new and innovative ways to improve our service standards.  At SMF Institute, we believe strongly that a holistic education incorporates both academic rigor and practical knowledge as critical cornerstone of success.

In compliance with the regulation regime set out under the Private Education Act, SMF Institute is registered with the Committee for Private Education (CPE). These awards demonstrate our firm foundation for academic and business excellence, as well as our commitment to being providers of quality education.

Our Vision and Mission
To be a Premier Institute of Higher Learning, partnering the industries in capacity & capability development

Our Mission
To nurture individuals to succeed, connect with and serve society by extending knowledge and stimulating learning

Our Core Values
Our mission is driven by our core values in the acronym of STAR:

  • Service Excellence

We aim to delight our internal and external customers with our timely and professional service. We introduce efficient processes and good decision-making protocol to achieve excellence.

  • Teamwork

We are supportive of each other’s efforts in achieving the objectives of SMF and we care for one another. We appreciate the strengths and limitations of others and collectively put in our best effort.

  • Accountability

We value integrity and honesty. We take responsibility for our actions that influence the lives of our customers and fellow colleagues.

  • Respect

We give due respect to others and maintain the environment of teamwork in SMF.

Our Culture
At SMF Institute of Higher Learning, we aim to create a truly learning culture that continuously challenge our own methods and ways of doing things.

Our Education Goals

  • To cultivate our students’ ability to think logically, analytically and independently.
  • To foster an atmosphere conducive to the fruitful exchange of ideas among students and faculty; so that each can work effectively, autonomously and within a group.
  • To provide opportunities for critical studies that will aid students to apply relevant knowledge in their engagement with their professional practice.
  • To offer our students a level of training that will prepare them for the pursuit of life-long learning, personal development, and excellence in their professional practice.
  • To instill in our students, a global and multi-cultural perspective.


Our Commitment
We guarantee that our course delivery and student services are relevant and effective through our process of continual improvement and control of nonconformity.  As a not-for-profit organisation, we place the welfare of all our stakeholders ahead of organisational gains. We will uphold our values, integrity and quality in delivery and support to our students, and we will conform to applicable statutory and regulatory requirements without exception.